New blog post: Simon Eckert and Dr. Sebastian Netscher write about Domain-Data-Protocols

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Simon Eckert, Dr. Sebastian Netscher: “Der Worte sind genug gewechselt, lasst uns endlich Daten sehen.” – Datenmanagement mit der neuen Projektwebseite DDP-Bildung

The aphorism quoted in the title by the Swiss political scientist and health economist Dr Gerhard Kocher alludes to making research data available, which has become an indispensable part of research work. Making data available for subsequent use by third parties in turn requires adequate data management, for example with regard to the comprehensibility of the data or with regard to the legal requirements. To support researchers in empirical educational research, the collaborative project Domain Data Protocols for Empirical Educational Research has been developing so-called Domain Data Protocols since June 2019. These are customised, discipline-specific sample protocols that guide researchers in their data management. A central aspect in the development of these protocols is the involvement of various stakeholders in the research community. In order to improve contact with our experts and to keep the interested (international) research community continuously informed about the work and progress of the project, a project website is now being published: