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New publication by Müller, Pforr & Hochman: Double Burden? Implications of indebtedness to general life satisfaction...

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Müller, Nora, Klaus Pforr, and Oshrat Hochman. 2021. "Double Burden? Implications of indebtedness to general life satisfaction following negative life events in international comparison." Journal of European Social Policy 31 (5): 614–628. doi:

Nora Müller, Klaus Pforr and Oshrat Hochman look at wealth, and more specifically debt, as determinant of life satisfaction. Their main hypothesis is that debt reinforces the impact of negative life events on general life satisfaction but that this is less so in countries where welfare policies buffer events like unemployment, a severe disease, divorce or partner’s death. However, the empirical results suggest that welfare generosity does not reduce the negative impact of debt on wellbeing, but debt-discharge measures seem to do.