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New publication - Cari M. Pick, Adrian Stanciu et al.: Fundamental social motives measured across forty-two cultures in two waves

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Pick, A., Ko, A., Kenrick, D., Wiezel, A., Wormley, A., Awad, E.... Stanciu, A. ...Varnum, M. (2022). Fundamental social motives across forty-two cultures in two waves. Scientific Data, 9:499.

The contribution was led by Cari M. Pick from Arizona State University in the USA and was a collaboration with colleagues from 27 countries. The publication is available in open access!

How does psychology vary across human societies? The fundamental social motives framework adopts an evolutionary approach to capture the broad range of human social goals within a taxonomy of ancestrally recurring threats and opportunities. These motives—self-protection, disease avoidance, affiliation, status, mate acquisition, mate retention, and kin care—are high in fitness relevance and everyday salience, yet understudied cross-culturally. Here, we gathered data on these motives in 42 countries (N = 15,915) in two cross-sectional waves.