New publication - L. Constantin Wurthmann: Black–Blue or Bahamas?

Categories: GESIS-News

L. Constantin Wurthmann (2022): Black–Blue or Bahamas? Explaining CDU, CSU, FDP and AfD Voter Attitudes Towards a Common Governmental Coalition Before the 2017 German Federal Election, German Politics, DOI: 10.1080/09644008.2022.2056593

Will the Alternative for Germany (AfD) soon be actively involved in forming Germany’s governments? The findings of this article illustrate that the established German parties would be well advised not to form a coalition involving the AfD as their own voters strongly oppose it. For the first time, coalition preferences for a so-called Black–Blue coalition (CDU, CSU and AfD) as well as a Bahamas coalition (CDU, CSU, FDP and AfD) are examined.

Using regression models to explain the emergence of preferences for such coalitions, the findings indicate the following: (1) while an identification with the AfD leads to a higher desirability for such coalitions, the opposite is the case if an individual identifies with the CDU; (2) a positive impression of the AfD’s candidates leads to a stronger coalition preference, whereas the rejection of the CDU’s then chancellor-candidate Angela Merkel has no significant effect; and (3) opposing migration leads to a stronger preference for such coalitions.