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New special issue available: Probability and Nonprobability Sampling

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Survey Methods: Insights from the Field - Special Issue: Probability and Nonprobability Sampling: Sampling of hard-to-reach survey populations


Special issue editors:
Johann Bacher, University of Linz, Austria
Johannes Lemcke, Robert Koch Institut (RKI), Germany
Andreas Quatember, Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria
Patrick Schmich, Robert Koch Institut (RKI), Germany

This special issue gives an overview about the current state of the hard-to-reach research and attempts to combine theoretical discussions, methodological considerations with experiences from the fields. It offers insights into possible links between non-probability sampling and hard-to-reach populations on the one hand, and different approaches to address the aforementioned problems via the praxis of each methodology.

“Survey Methods: Insights from the Field” is a peer-reviewed online journal. Its goal is to promote professional exchange on practical survey research issues and discussion on new and promising paths in survey research. The journal is orientated towards the daily work of surveying, including questionnaire design, sampling, interviewer training, fieldwork administration, data preparation, documentation and dissemination. The focus of the journal is on practical issues of survey research.

The journal is edited jointly by FORS, GESIS and PUMA and supported by a multi-national panel of Associate Editors, an Advisory and Editorial Board.

Categories: GESIS-News