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Now new in ZIS: Measurement instruments now also available in online format!

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Web-based surveys have become indispensable for research in the social and behavioral sciences, not least since the COVID-19 pandemic.

GESIS provides over 300 measurement instruments on various topics (e.g., labor, politics, health) in the social and behavioral sciences for researchers with the free service ZIS - Open Access Repository for Measurement Instruments.

We make it easier to create online surveys and now provide a web-based version for download for numerous measurement instruments in addition to the paper-pencil version. The web-based versions (*.lsg files; beta version of ZIS) can be imported directly into Limesurvey. Thus, the measuring instrument is immediately created in your own Limesurvey survey.

Feel free to try out and give feedback on the current innovations of ZIS(

Watch the video on YouTube now: