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Politbarometer polls from the 2021 federal election year - cumulative data set

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The cumulative data set of Politbarometer surveys from the 2021 federal election year is available.

The dataset maps the fluctuating approval ratings for parties, politicians over the course of the year. Expectations of the government to be elected and its composition, attributions of competence to parties and candidates for chancellor are particularly in focus this time.

In addition to surveying the biggest problems in Germany, the survey asks opinions and attitudes on numerous current issues:

  • the floods and forest fires as possible consequences of climate change,
  • assessment of aid for disaster victims,
  • attitudes toward Corona protective measures and the progress of the vaccination campaign,
  • assessment of the troop withdrawal from Afghanistan and the consequences for local forces,
  • importance of gendered language
  • the U.S. election and its expected impact on societal conflicts.

In total, there are 22 surveys/times included in the cumulative.

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