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Prof. Dr. Ingvill Constanze Ødegaard on the Board of the Cologne Science Forum

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Already in April, GESIS colleague Prof. Dr. Ingvill Constanze Ødegaard was elected to the board of the Cologne Science Forum (KWR). Congratulations!

The photo shows the newly elected board of the Cologne Science Forum (KWR) together with Cologne Mayor Henriette Reker and the head of the KWR office Dr. Cédric Reuter.

(from left to right): Prof. Dr. Claudia Bornemeyer (spokesperson of the board), Dr. Cédric Reuter, Oberbürgermeisterin Henriette Reker, Prof. Dr. Anja Niehoff, Prof. Dr. Stefan Herzig (deputy spokesperson of the board), Prof. Dr. Heike Pohl, Prof. Dr. Ingvill Constanze Ødegaard, Prof. Dr. Stefan Heinemann (unfortunately missing from the photo).

At the invitation of the Mayor Fritz Schramma, The Cologne Science Forum was officially established on January 3, 2004 by representatives of all of Cologne’s institutions of higher education and research, the City of Cologne, and the Cologne Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The goal of The Cologne Science Forum is to better integrate the region’s economic and scientific potential, to launch collaborative projects, and to define areas deserving promotional support. First and foremost, contacts to regional companies should be pursued and deepened, and citizens should be made more aware of Cologne’s resources in scientific research and higher education.

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