Reach your goal faster with survey methodology consulting

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Surveys are complex projects and require extensive planning. Collection, analysis, and management of survey data are reflected in diverse processes, all of which pursue the goal of optimal data quality. GESIS has always offered advice on all these processes, based on our own research and flanked by decades of experience with national and international survey programs.  

We have now switched our survey methodology consulting to a new process so that you can optimally benefit from our proven expertise across its full range.  

What's new? 

We advise and guide you by helping you to help yourself, so that you can carry out your survey project on the basis of the latest findings and overcome difficulties.  

For a quick response to your consulting requests, they are now forwarded directly to the experts in our institute via an interactive form.  

We match our expertise to your consulting request in order to be able to support you quickly and unbureaucratically, even across phases, throughout the entire course of a survey project.  

In addition, we have expanded our consulting services for you. If you do not have the capacity or expertise to carry out certain processes yourself, such as a detailed questionnaire evaluation, we will be happy to do so for you as part of our fee-based service offering.