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Second season of "Meet the Experts" will start soon - Computational Social Science and Digital Behavioral Data

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After a successful first season on the topic of survey methodology, the online series "Meet the Experts" will focus on "Computational Social Science and Digital Behavioral Data" in fall/winter 2021/22. GESIS experts will offer insights into current methods of computational social research to all interested parties; questions from the audience will be answered after the approximately 30-minute presentations. All lectures are in English; participation is free of charge.

The new season focuses on the potential of digital behavioral data (DVD) and methods of computational social sciences (CSS) for social science research. The experts will address methodological procedures such as text mining and social network analysis or the influence of platforms and algorithms on our digital environment. The program also includes social science research with digital behavioral data in the context of elections, political behavior in social networks, and online dating.

The one-hour online sessions will be held in English on Thursdays from 1 to 2 p.m. each day. Following the presentations, the speakers will be available to answer questions. Three presentations on CSS are already available as recordings in the "Meet the Experts" playlist on YouTube. The event will continue on Sept. 16, 2021, with a presentation by Katrin Weller and Oliver Watteler on "Research Ethics and Data Protection in Social Media Research."

Registration is now open for the following talks:

16.09.2021, 1pm CEST: Research Ethics and Data Protection in Social Media Research (Katrin Weller & Oliver Watteler)

30.09.2021, 1pm CEST: Introduction to Online Data Acquisition (Roberto Ulloa)

07.10.2021, 1pm CEST: Auditing Algorithms: How Platform Technologies Shape our Digital Environment (Roberto Ulloa)

14.10.2021, 1pm CEST: The German Federal Election: Social Media Data for Scientific (Re-)use (Marius Sältzer & Sebastian Stier)

04.11.2021, 1pm CET: Introduction to Text Mining (Arnim Bleier)

25.11.2021, 1pm CET: Social Network Analysis with Digital Behavioral Data (Haiko Lietz)

02.12.2021, 1pm CET: Altmetrics – Analyzing Academic Communications from Social Media Data (Olga Zagovora & Katrin Weller)

16.12.2021, 1pm CET: Online Dating: Data Types and Analytical Approaches (Andreas Schmitz)

20.01.2022, 1pm CET: Political Behavior and Influence Dynamics in Online Network (N. Gizem Bacaksizlar Turbic)

27.01.2022, 1pm CET: SocioHub – A Collaboration Platform for the Social Sciences (David Brodesser)

Participation is free but requires registration. Information about the lectures (including slides and recordings from previous talks) and registration can be found here: