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Beta-Version of Socio-Hub is now available

The beta version of SocioHub - the portal of the Fachinformationsdienst (FID) Sociology - is now available. SocioHub brings together several offers for social scientists - from searching information on the current status of research to collaboration with other researchers.

SocioHub offers a comprehensive verification and research system for research-relevant publications. In addition, scientists can present their publications to the scientific community. Useful tools such as calendars, reading lists, news feeds, forums, etc. simplify collaboration in research groups (e.g. DGS sections). Next year, a self-archiving service will be added. This will allow researchers to make their publications available as open access publications. Developed by the Universitäts- und Stadtbürcherei Köln (USB) and GESIS, the portal is funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG).


Visit SocioHub- Der Fachinformationsdienst Soziologie!