GESIS Panel Data Publication: Wave ka

Categories: GESIS Panel

We are happy to inform you that the data of GESIS Panel wave ka has been published, containing the following topics: 

  • Reaction to relatives being in a partnership with a refugee (Vignette Study) 

  • Oral health-related quality of life 

  • Personal interest in certain frequently asked survey topics 

  • Social and Political Participation (Core Study) 

  • Subjective Well-Being (Core Study) 

  • Survey experience & mode characteristics (Core Study) 

Moreover, attitudes and behaviors with respect to the COVID-19 pandemic were fielded for the 14th time in the regular GESIS Panel waves. In total, GESIS Panel contains COVID-19 related data measured in the range of March 2020 and April 2023, making it appropriate for long-term comparisons.  

We also would like to stay up-to-date regarding publications that use GESIS Panel data. Therefore, we highly appreciate if you inform us about all your publications which make use of our data (e.g., journal articles, book chapters, working papers, conference proceedings) in a timely manner. We are happy to include your publications in our bibliography and, thereby, enhance their visibility to the scientific community. 

You find information on how to access the data here. Please do not hesitate to contact us at info(at)gesis-panel(dot)org if you have any further questions.