A Probability-Based Mixed-Mode Access Panel
for the Social Sciences

German Federal Election Call for GESIS Panel Short Submissions

On the occasion of the German Federal Election in September 2021, we initiate a Call for Short Submissions and invite you to propose up to 

  • Five short single-choice questions or 

  • Three multiple-choice questions with a maximum of seven items or 

  • Two open-ended questions 

to be fielded in a GESIS Panel wave for our wave between August 25 and October 19, 2021. Submissions will undergo an internal review process.  

Please note: Here (31 kB), you find relevant items in the field of electoral research/political science. These items will be included in the same panel wave and will be available for your analysis. Please do not submit similar questions. With the data, you also have access to all data from previous GESIS Panel waves, including the longitudinal demographic variables (last surveyed: December 2020 until February 2021) and the longitudinal core study on political participation (last surveyed: February until April 2021). 

We are looking forward to receiving your proposal until June 7, 2021 via email: info(at)gesis-panel(dot)org.