A Probability-Based Mixed-Mode Access Panel
for the Social Sciences

GESIS Panel Team

For general inquiries, please contact us at info(at)gesis-panel(dot)org.

Student Assistants

Fabiana Demuth
Jakob Krieg
Noah Tirolf

Wolfgang Bandilla, Project Management

Michael Bosnjak, Founding Team Leader 2013-2016

David Bretschi, Scientific Associate

Tanja Dannwolf, Scientific Associate

Tobias Heycke, Scientific Associate

Jan-Philipp Kolb, Scientific Associate

Ines Schaurer, Scientific Associate

Katharina Schmidt, Scientific Associate

Bella Struminskaya, Scientific Associate

Angela Tanner, Scientific Associate


Bella Struminskaya, Utrecht University (Speaker)

Vera Toepoel, Utrecht University (Deputy Speaker)

Mick Couper, University of Michigan

Marcel Das, CentERdata and Tilburg University