A Probability-Based Mixed-Mode Access Panel
for the Social Sciences

Fast-Track Submission on Current Topics

The Fast-Track procedure is an opportunity to collect last-minute data on current topics within the GESIS Panel. Eligible studies should address a current subject such as important forthcoming events (e.g., elections), contemporary changes in society (e.g., migration) or matters of public dialogue (e.g., minimum wages). Please make sure to clearly justify the urgency of your data collection.

The submitted questionnaire may include either up to three short single choice questions, one multiple choice question with a maximum of seven items or one open-ended question. In contrast to regular proposals this questionnaire does not have to be submitted as a Unipark questionnaire and does not undergo an external review process.

All you need is to fill in the Fast-Track-Submission Form (1022 KB), as well as the GESIS Panel General Terms and Conditions, sign them and send them to current-topic(at)gesis-panel(dot)org. Among all eligible proposals submitted before the deadline, the GESIS Panel randomly selects one questionnaire for the upcoming wave.

The deadline ends usually two months before the data collection starts.

DeadlineField PeriodData Publication
Wave fb19/02/201818/04/2018 - 12/06/201814/08/2018
Wave fc


13/06/2018 - 14/08/201816/10/2018
Wave fd18/06/201815/08/2018 - 16/10/201818/12/2018