A Probability-Based Mixed-Mode Access Panel
for the Social Sciences

GESIS Panel - Campus File (ZA5666) published

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The GESIS Panel Campus File - intended for teaching purposes - is available !

For the current Campus File the final sample size is N=1222, compared to the original sample size of N=7599 in the scientific use file (GESIS Panel Standard Edition: ZA5665) this Campus File is based on. An exact documentation of studies and variables included in this years GESIS Panel Campus File can be found in the data description and codebook.

Access to the GESIS Panel Campus File (ZA5666 / doi:10.4232/1.12749) can be acquired at the Data Catalogue (DBK).

Researchers interested in using GESIS Panel data for scientific publication purposes should use the full data set, either the GESIS Panel Standard Edition or the GESIS Panel Extended Edition. The data users are strongly advised not to use the GESIS Panel Campus File for scientific publications other than for teaching purposes.