A Probability-Based Mixed-Mode Access Panel
for the Social Sciences

GESIS Panel streamlined the submission process

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Since 2013, the GESIS Panel offers researchers the opportunity to collect their own survey data based on a probabilistic sample with more than 5,000 panelists.

To further increase the attractiveness of this offer, the GESIS Panel recently streamlined its submission process. The Regular Submission offers researchers the possibility to collect cross-sectional and longitudinal data with up to four experimental groups and five minutes survey time per wave.

The Short Submission procedure allows researchers to submit a short questionnaire within a simplified submission process. Finally, studies planning to apply for third-party funding (e.g., DFG, BMBF etc.) can reserve survey time in specific GESIS Panel waves in advance.

Here, we provide a general overview on the different ways to collect survey data with the GESIS Panel. Please note that after having fielded your study, you gain access to the entire data set of the GESIS Panel with data from all previous survey waves!