A Probability-Based Mixed-Mode Access Panel
for the Social Sciences

Collect your own data with the GESIS Panel

The GESIS Panel offers several possibilities for researchers from various disciplines (e.g., sociologists, psychologists, political scientists, economists, and criminologists) at universities and non-commercial research institutes to collect survey data. 

If your study is fielded in the GESIS Panel, your survey data is integrated in our Standard Edition with the data from all previous survey waves. The Standard Edition includes hundreds of items from studies fielded by other researchers and from our longitudinal core studies. Since all these items deal with a variety of topics, this allows you to analyze your own survey data in a broad context.

Below, you will find a brief overview of the submission procedures with detailed information on the subpages. There are no deadlines for the any of the submission procedures.

The Regular Submission offers researchers the possibility to collect cross-sectional and longitudinal data with up to four experimental groups and five minutes survey time per wave.

Studies planning to apply for third-party funding (e.g., DFG, BMBF etc.) can reserve survey time in specific GESIS Panel waves in advance.

The Short Submission procedure offers researchers the possibility to submit a short questionnaire within a simplified submission procedure.

Additionally, we offer the possibility for data collection in four different countries. The Open Probability-based Panel Alliance (OPPA) is a collaboration of four probability-based Internet panels: the LISS Panel in the Netherlands, the Understanding America Study (UAS) in the USA, the Korean Academic Multimode Open Survey (KAMOS), and the GESIS Panel.

Which submission procedure is the right one for me?

  Regular Proposal Submission Third-party funded Studies Short Submission Open Probability-based Panel Alliance (OPPA)
Longitudinal research design Possible Possible Not Possible Possible
Experimental research design  Possible (up to 4 groups) Possible (up to 4 groups) Not Possible Possible (up to 4 groups)
Questionnaire length  Up to 5 minutes per wave Approx. 5 minutes per wave Up to 1 minute  Please ask for details
Countries  Germany Germany Germany Germany, Netherlands, USA, South Korea
Costs Free of charge Contribution to total survey costs Free of charge Contribution to total survey costs