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A Probability-Based Mixed-Mode Panel for the Social Sciences

Collect your own data with the GESIS Panel

The GESIS Panel offers researchers at universities and non-commercial research institutes from various disciplines (e.g. sociology, psychology, political science, economics or criminology) the opportunity to collect their own survey data.

If you are planning to collect data with the GESIS Panel, please have a look at our FAQ page.

The Regular Submission offers researchers the opportunity to collect cross-sectional and longitudinal data with up to four experimental groups and five minutes of survey time per wave.

Studies planning to apply for third-party funding (e.g., DFG, BMBF etc.) can reserve survey time in specific GESIS Panel waves in advance.

In the context of a Short Submission, researchers can submit a short questionnaire for the collection of cross-sectional and longitudinal data, which will only undergo an internal review.

Finally, we offer the possibility of international comparative data collection within the framework of the Open Probability-based Panel Alliance (OPPA). This is an alliance of three probabilistic internet panels: the LISS Panel in the Netherlands, the Understanding America Study (UAS) in the USA and the GESIS Panel.

Which submission procedure is the right one for me?

Countries Costs
Possible Possible (up to
4 groups)
Up to 5 minutes
per wave
Germany Free of charge
Third-party funded studies Possible Possible (up to
4 groups)
Approx. 5 minutes
per wave
Germany Contribution to
total survey costs
Short Submission Possible Not possible Up to 1 minute Germany Free of charge
Open Probability-based
Panel Alliance (OPPA)
Possible Possible (up to
4 groups)
Please ask for
Germany, Netherlands,
Contribution to
total survey costs

You can find more information on the different submission paths on the corresponding subpages.

If your study is included in the GESIS Panel, the survey data will be integrated into our data set with the data from all previous survey waves. This also includes the data from our own core studies, which we collect regularly. Overall, our dataset has an enormous range of surveyed characteristics on a wide variety of topics. This allows you to analyse your survey data in a broad context. 

Do you still have questions about the various options for data collection with the GESIS Panel? Then please use our contact form.