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A Probability-Based Mixed-Mode Panel for the Social Sciences

Regular Submission

The Regular Submission offers researchers the opportunity to collect cross-sectional and longitudinal data with up to four experimental groups and five minutes of survey time per wave. It is designed in two stages: In the first stage, your submission will be internally reviewed within four weeks to check the formal compliance of your Regular Submission with the GESIS Panel guidelines. In case of a positive vote, you will then be asked to submit the full proposal for the second stage. This will go through an external, anonymous peer review process. Data collection and use in a Regular Submission are free of charge and there are no submission deadlines.

Before submitting your application, we recommend that you familiarise yourself with the FAQ Questionnaire Design (190 kB), the Survey Style Guide (1.63 MB) and the Review Criteria (154 kB).

Stage 1:

Stage 2:

After a positive review of your submission documents from stage 1,  you can fill out the documents for the stage 2.

  • The GESIS Panel collects survey data exclusively for non-commercial purposes.
  • The GESIS Panel is equally happy to receive submissions of cross-sectional and longitudinal studies.
  • Only studies that refer to all respondents can be considered. Consequently, we do not accept studies that wish to use cohort or sub-sample studies (e.g. only online participants, only male respondents or only respondents from southern Germany).

We encourage researchers to take advantage of GESIS consulting services before submitting their proposals/questionnaires to the GESIS Panel. The services offered include general questionnaire consultation, pretesting service, and questionnaire translation. By using these services, the quality of the collected data can be significantly improved.

If your submission aims at developing new measurement instruments (single items, scales) or improving existing ones, we encourage you to publish your measurement instrument in ZIS cost-free and in a citable form. ZIS is an open access repository for social and behavioral science measurement instruments hosted by GESIS. ZIS includes more than 300 instruments (as of 2022), for example, items measuring political attitudes or personality. Here you can find more information about the publication of measurement instruments in ZIS.