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A Probability-Based Mixed-Mode Panel for the Social Sciences

Short Submission

The Short Submission offers researchers the opportunity to collect survey data free of charge on the basis of a short questionnaire. The GESIS Panel team reviews the questionnaire internally, but there is no external review procedure. Therefore, you will usually receive a result on your submission after only four weeks.

Within the framework of a short submission, both cross-sectional and longitudinal data can be collected. The replication of questions that have already been asked at an earlier point in time in the GESIS Panel is also possible with this form of submission. In contrast, no experimental groups are possible in a short submission. At the same time, the survey time is limited to one minute per wave (according to our time measurement). This roughly corresponds to:

  • Five short single-choice questions
  • Three multiple-choice questions with a maximum of seven items
  • Two open-ended questions

Before submitting your application, we recommend that you familiarise yourself with the FAQ Questionnaire Design (190 kB) and the Survey Style Guide (1.63 MB).

How to submit your Short Submission Proposal