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The GESIS Survey Guidelines are part of a central service offered by GESIS to advise researchers on methodological questions regarding the planning and implementation of surveys. The articles in the Survey Guidelines provide a practice-oriented overview and initial recommendations for action on relevant aspects of survey planning and implementation that are frequently requested in consulting. The guidelines can be divided into four different areas: Recommendations and assistance on the survey process (“Survey Operations”), on the development of survey instruments (“Survey Instruments”), on survey statistics (“Survey Statistics”) and recommendations including checklists on the topic of open methodology (“Survey Documentation”).

GESIS Survey Guidelines by Topic

Survey Operations

GESIS Survey Guidelines on the subjects of survey modes, survey and fieldwork, interviewer effects, tendering and documentation, panel studies, paradata and data linkage as well as intercultural surveys.

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Survey Instruments

GESIS Survey Guidelines on the subjects of questionnaire construction, survey instruments, socio-demographic characteristics and quality assurance of survey instruments.

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Survey Documentation

GESIS Survey Guidelines on the documentation of survey instruments and the documentation of fieldwork.

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Survey Statistics

GESIS Survey Guidelines on the topics of sampling in theory and practice, weighting, non-response bias and the imputation of survey data.

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Survey Evidence Map

A comprehensive overview of the current state of survey research - with links to publications, data and meta-analyses.

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GESIS Survey Guidelines A - Z

Here you will find an overview of all GESIS Survey Guidelines.

Survey Guidelines von A - Z

About the GESIS Survey Guidelines

The GESIS Survey Guidelines undergo a non-blinded peer review with at least two internal or external GESIS reviewers before publication. This makes them suitable for teaching purposes. In addition, many of the guidelines are supplemented by additional materials such as slide sets, analysis codes, etc. 

Please note: The GESIS Survey Guidelines and additional materials are subject to a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License (CC BY-NC). Their content can therefore be distributed and made public for non-commercial purposes with attribution to the authors/publisher. The recommended citation method can be found in the respective articles.

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