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Survey Guidelines

GESIS Survey Guidelines

In its research and service activities, GESIS addresses methods of social science survey research. The staff are acknowledged experts in different areas of survey design, sampling, and data collection. One of GESIS’ key offerings to the social science research community is an advisory service for scientists on methodological aspects of the organisation and implementation of survey projects. The web offering GESIS Survey Guidelines presents the main topics of GESIS’ advisory service in the form of contributions that address certain methodological aspects of the implementation of surveys or topics on which written documentation is frequently requested during individual consultations. The GESIS Survey Guidelines are organized into "Survey Operations", "Survey Instruments", "Survey Statistics", and "Open Methodology":

The GESIS Survey Guidelines are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution – NonCommercial 4.0 International License (CC BY-NC).

Further information can be found in the Introduction (1.03 MB). News regarding the GESIS Survey Guidelines are documented in the Report Survey Guidelines 2019/ 2020 (105 kB) and the Report Survey Guidelines 2021 (82 kB).