Survey Guidelines

GESIS Survey Guidelines

Survey Guidelines


ZIS: the Collection of Items and Scales for the Social Sciences

The GESIS database “Collection of Items and Scales for the Social Sciences” (ZIS) comprises over 260 social science survey instruments for the measurement of political attitudes and personality, for example. The instruments, their development, their quality criteria, and information on their theoretical background are documented. As a user, you can search for, and retrieve, the instruments online. As an author, you can publish your instruments in ZIS. All documented instruments are freely accessible and may be used for research purposes. ZIS is a cost-free GESIS offering.

  • Use the extensive search function to conduct a targeted search for specific topics or authors, or for instruments with a certain number of items.
  • Save the documentation and the corresponding response sheet to your computer or tablet as a PDF file.
  • Compare your data with the data documented in ZIS. Reference data from other samples are available for all instruments. For selected instruments, data can be retrieved from the GESIS Data Archive.
  • Cite the scales in your publication. All data documented in ZIS are registered with the data registration agency da|ra and have their own DOIs (digital object identifiers).
  • You can switch between a German-language and an English-language user interface. Most of the instruments are documented in German.

You can find detailed information about ZIS at