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Survey Guidelines

Mixed-Device and Mobile Web Surveys

For many years, web surveys have already been the most frequently used survey mode in Germany and elsewhere (ADM, 2018; ESOMAR, 2018). Moreover, respondents increasingly use mobile devices, especially smartphones (or less often tablets), to access the Internet and participate in surveys. Because of those new developments within the Internet usage landscape, this contribution expands an earlier Survey Guideline on web surveys (Bandilla, 2015) by addressing methodological advantages and disadvantages of mixed-device as well as mobile web surveys. Moreover, it provides best practice advice on the implementation of such surveys in the areas of sampling, questionnaire design, paradata collection, and software solutions.

Beuthner, C., Daikeler, J., & Silber, H. (2019). Mixed-Device and Mobile Web Surveys. Mannheim, GESIS - Leibniz-Institute for the Social Sciences (GESIS - Survey Guidelines). DOI: 10.15465/gesis-sg_en_028