Survey Guidelines


This contribution deals with the fundamental principles of weighting; the various types of weighting are taken into account. Terms such as design weighting and adjustment weighting are explained, and the Horvitz-Thompson estimator and the GREG estimator are presented.

English-language version (82 kB)

Version 2.0; doi: 10.15465/gesis-sg_en_009

German-language version (205 kB)

Version 1.1; doi: 10.15465/gesis-sg_007

Earlier version: Version 1.0; doi: 10.15465/sdm-sg_009


Gabler, S., Kolb, J.-P., Sand, M., & Zins, S. (2016). Weighting. GESIS Survey Guidelines. Mannheim, Germany: GESIS – Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences. doi: 10.15465/gesis-sg_en_007