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Summer School 2023

GESIS Summer School in Survey Methodology took place from 02-25 August 2023. Some courses were held onsite in Cologne and some were held online. We enjoyed

  • 208 participants;
  • 10 one-week courses (8 onsite and 2 online) and 4 short courses (online);
  • the expertise and skills of 27 lecturers and teaching assistants.

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Short Course A: Pretesting Survey Questions (Online) 

  Lecturers: Cornelia Neuert, Timo Lenzner

Short Course B: Mixed-Mode Surveys (Online)

  Lecturers: Sven Stadtmüller, Henning Silber, Yannick Diehl, Peter Schmidt

Short Course C: Introduction to Stata for Data Management and Analysis (Online)

  Lecturers: Irina Bauer, Annika Stein

Short Course D: Causal Inference with Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAGs) (Online)

  Lecturers: Paul Hünermund

Course 1: Introduction to Survey Design (On-site) (117 kB)
  Lecturers: Bella Struminskaya, Peter Lugtig

Course 2: Designing, Implementing, and Analyzing Longitudinal Surveys (On-site) (95 kB) 
   Lecturers: Tarek Al Baghal, Alexandru Cernat 

Course 3: Data Science Techniques for Survey Researchers (Online) (135 kB)
   Lecturers: Christoph Kern, Malte Schierholz 

Course 4: (Non-)Probability Samples in the Social Sciences (Online) (165 kB)
   Lecturers: Carina Cornesse, Olga Maslovskaya

Course 5: Advanced Survey Design (On-site)

  Lecturers: Bella Struminskaya, Angelo Moretti

Course 6: Advanced Questionnaire Design (On-site)

  Lecturers: Marek Fuchs

Course 7: Introduction to R for Data Analysis (On-site)

  Lecturers: Jan Schwalbach, Dennis Abel

Course 8: Missing Data and Multiple Imputation (Online)

  Lecturers: Florian Meinfelder, Angelina Hammon