Social Structure and Consumption Data: Social Change of Consumption Styles and Consumption Habits

Research activity in this project generally targets the question of social structuring of actual consumer behavior, as expressed in data for household budgets e.g. in terms of the level and type of activated purchases of goods and services. Specifically, we follow three key questions:

In what way can coherent consumption styles be identified in an overarching spectrum of consumer goods and services, how are these embedded in terms social structure, and how has the social structuring changed over the course of the social change since the late 1960s?

In what way do socio-structural situations form nutritional behavior in terms of expenditure on food, especially food that promotes healthy eating, and in this case to what extent is there a notable influence on social change?

What indicators can be used to illustrate dynamically coherent or variable expenditure patterns as, e.g., product loyalty, and to what extent are they covariate with socio-economic factors and subjective dispositions for product purchasing?

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