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German Microdata Lab

EU User Conferences

Microdata from Eurostat are an important data source for comparative social research in Europe. An increasing number of researchers use these data for a wide range of economic and social analyses. The European User Conference (organized by GESIS in cooperation with Eurostat) is a biannual conference focusing on research based on microdata from Eurostat (e.g. EU-SILC, EU-LFS, AES, SES, CIS, EHI and HBS). The conference brings together researchers from all over Europe not only to encourage the discussion within the research community on both substantive and methodological issues, but also to offer researchers the opportunity to give feedback to Eurostat. Researchers of all disciplines (e.g. economics, sociology, demography, geography, political science and public health) who use Eurostat microdata are encouraged to participate and/or to submit an abstract. All presentations must be comparative and include data from at least two countries.