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German Microdata Lab

Household Budget Surveys (HBS)

Informations about access to microdata

This websites offers informations about the access to microdata of Household Budget Surveys. Furthermore there is basis information about HBS in the respective countries and other EU-Countries.

Here you find a spreadsheet sorted by country consisting information about access modalities, contact data and also the used categories links. This enables you, to have direct access to the HBS information webpages of the national statistic bureaus. Moreover it offers webpages, contact persons and e-mail adresses. Considered are the latest surveys (December 2009).

Information about the access to microdata (21 kB)

Designs of european HBS

Maybe you are interested in informations like sample size, survey period, methods and used classifications (e.g. COICOP-HBS). This and other usefull information has been collected for the respective countries and in the next step for EU-candidate countries.

Designs of HBS in EU-countries (41 kB)

Designs of HBS in EU-candidate countries (57 kB)


In a last step, this will be done for so far undocumented OECD-Countries, to foster crossnational comparison beyond EU-borders.

Helpful are also used questionnaires, household books and codebooks. for most of the countries they are not offered yet, but for the following countries there some files: Austria, Belgium, Great Britain, Greece, Spain and Switzerland (3.55 kB).

Within a short time the spreadsheets will be completed and supplemented by informations about OECD-Countries. Furthermore we will offer more questionnaires, household and codebooks.

 If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.