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German Microdata Lab

Further Data from Official Statistics

The German Microdata Lab  offers comprehensive services for utilizing microdata from official statistics. The data stock of GML includes anonymised data on the 10% sample of the Population and Profession Census from 1970 as well as on the 1% subsample. The data on the 1970 Population Census has been provided to the Research Data Centres of the Federal Statistical Office and the statistical offices of the Länder and is obtainable there as Scientific Use File. Several data sets from official statistics of the GDR are available at the GML. These are surveys of cultural and social living conditions concerning income and consumption in households of the GDR during the late 1980’s. Machine readable, multidimensional tables of the Profession Census from 1882 through 1972 (46 tables) and the Workplace Census from 1875 to 1970 (28 tables) are available at the GML.