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International Socio-Economic Index of Occupational Status (ISEI) for the 1996 Microcensus

The microcensus scientific use files from 1996 contain occupational data which, according to the 1988 International Standard Classification of Occupations, are encoded for use within the European Community (see: ISCO-88 COM). The following information shows how this can be provided on the basis of the International Socio-Economic Index of Occupational Status (ISEI). In the short résumé, moreover, correlations are examined between the ISEI and other socio-economic variables with reference to the example of the 2000 microcensus. In this case, it is especially evident that occupational-specific income effects of the ISEI are minimal when controlling for additional variables. The results can contribute to an improved assessment of the possibilities and limitations for using the ISEI.

Errata: EF517 'Occupation (see: ISCO-88 COM)'
The EF517 variable of the current scientific use file for the 2005 microcensus is flawed. In some cases, valid data on occupation (comparison: EF119 (KldB92)) were allocated to code 0 'missing'. Incorrect allocations also affect the following codes: 120, 121, 122, 123, 130, 131, 341, 342, 413, 422, and 522. A corrected version of the scientific use file for the 2005 microcensus will shortly be dispatched to data users (dated: Nov 14, 2007).

Program Downloads

Schimpl-Neimanns, B., 2004: Zur Umsetzung des Internationalen Sozioökonomischen Index des beruflichen Status (ISEI), ZUMA-Nachrichten (54): 154-170 [.pdf].