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GESIS Microcensus Trendfile 1962-2016

The GESIS Microcensus-Trendfile is a harmonised and cumulated data set of Microcensuses available for scientific research from 1962 to 2016. The GESIS Microcensus-Trendfile thus covers a period of more than five decades and allows not only long-term but also detailed analysis of social change in (West) Germany. It contains more than 160 variables from various fields that have been made comparable over as many years and with as little loss of information as possible. The data manual (which is only available in German) summarises the construction of the GESIS Microcensus-Trendfile. It contains all necessary information on the initial data as well as on the availability and recoding of the harmonised variables. Routines (in SPSS) are provided to create the GESIS Microcensus-Trendfile.

Please note: Detailled information about GESIS Microcensus Trendfile 1962-2016 is only available in German.