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Safe Room GESIS Mannheim

GESIS is part of the International Data Access Network (IDAN) project which started in 2018. One node is the GESIS site in Mannheim, where a Safe Room is available for remote access to various confidential data.



IDAN project

The project is a collaboration between 6 Research Data Centres (RDCs) from France, Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom to facilitate controlled data access between these RDCs/countries. In its first phase IDAN aims to enable researchers to work remotely on secure access data provided by partner countries from within each Research Data Centre with all access points in the same physical place (RDC/ Safe Room). For more information on the project’s progress and availability of access points and data, please see the project website at

Available data

At present, guests in Mannheim can access data from the following IDAN project partners:


  • Office for National Statistics (ONS) – United Kingdom (see:

Data access

GESIS provides the room and parts of the technical infrastructure as part of the IDAN project. Data access is organised via the data providers. This table provides an overview of the respective accreditation process: 

Breaches and contractual penalties

Licence compliance policy [.pdf (171 kB)]

Further information and contact

Manual by the European Commission (Eurostat): „How to use microdata properly - Self-study material for the users of Eurostat microdata sets” [.pdf (657 kB)]

For questions regarding research visits at the Safe Room in Mannheim please email to idan-mannheim(at)gesis(dot)org. If you have any questions regarding the content of the data or accreditation, please contact the respective data provider. The contact details can be found at the end of the overview table at