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Hermann Wentker, Jörn Retterath, Sven Keller & Petra Weber: Mehrfachbesprechung Ulrich Herbert: Geschichte Deutschlands im 20. Jahrhundert, München. 2014 [Abstract]

Ulrich Herbert’s monography “Geschichte Deutschlands im 20. Jahrhundert” (German History in the 20th Century) is a major coup in the literature on German history. This is particularly striking as it has become almost impossible to keep track of the literature published on this topic. Further, the multi-faceted and contradictory character of German history itself makes such a general work undoubtedly ambitious in itself. Each review essay in this article concentrates on different eras of German 20th-century history. They contain some points of criticism while still marking Herbert’s book as a great work, in general. Amongst the reasons for this are that his methods are state-of-the-art and because he continually discusses the overall European context.

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