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Hayeon Lee & Woo-Young Lee: The Perception of the Integration of North and South Korea. [Abstract] [Online Appendix]

This study describes South Koreans’ general perceptions of the integration of North and South Korea through a survey of 500 adults living in South Korea. The following multiple-choice questions were asked: one’s general ideas about the integration of North and South Korea; the type of Korean reunification which is mostly supported/opposed; the type of Korean reunification which is most probable; and the pros and cons of reunification as well as necessary factors for reunification. Furthermore, we examined the differences in the perception of Korean reunification among the subgroup based on participants’ demographic information (i.e., gender, age, political orientation). The main results are as follows. First, the most representative thought on integration was “geographical integration of the Korean Peninsula,” followed by “establishment of economic partnerships or communities” and “restoration of common identity.” Meanwhile, there were differences among participants with regard to the detailed representation of Korean reunification. It suggests that when the attitudes toward integration of North and South Korea society are discussed, differences in the perception among people should be considered.

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