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Onur Kınlı & İrem Özgören Kınlı: Is Every Turk Born a Soldier? A Historical-Processual Analysis. [Abstract]

Through a historical-processual perspective, this article investigates military aspects of Turkish national character. We utilize methodological and conceptual tools developed by Norbert Elias in order to reveal peculiarities of Turkish state formation experiences. Starting our survey from early nomadic times and extending to the foundation of Turkish Republic, we seek to demonstrate the extent to which military traits are incorporated in the Turkish national character. Drawing on the conceptual framework of national habitus outlined by Elias, this article primarily aims at exploring military traits among Turks through power relations and established-outsider figurations in Turkish history. The conceptualization of established and outsider groups (Elias and Scotson 2008) enables us to determine the basic stages of state formation as we-units through struggles for power between these two groups in Turkish society. We will attempt to highlight the particular historical moments at which established minorities lost their power, while outsiders came to the fore and gained a privileged status.

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