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Valeska Cappel: The Plurality of Daily Digital Health. The Emergence of a New Form of Health Coordination. [Abstract]

This article presents the current datafication processes in the field of health as a new form of health coordination. Methodologically, the conceptual foundation of the article is embedded in neopragmatist thinking and mainly informed by the "economics of convention" (EC). At the beginning, it is made clear that the datafication processes in the health system and in people's everyday lives are primarily a future vision that has high hopes for improving and controlling health. The aim of the article is to analyze the current effects of these mobilization processes and to show that with datafication processes, a new coordination mode of a digital daily health is introduced. To this end, the new form of digital daily health is being introduced. For this purpose, its characteristics are described and its relevance for coordination processes is shown. After that, the intersection between the new form of digital daily health and individual health will be analyzed. Finally, the consequences of this new health coordination form will be shown on an individual level as well as on the level of political economy of health.

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