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Klaus J. Bade: The interdisciplinary approach of socio-historical migration research: terms, concepts, methodological and theoretical questions [1979/2005] [Abstract]

Migration is and has always been a complex social and cultural process as well as a central dimension in the development of society. Migration history is, therefore, a decisive part of the history of society. Socio-historical migration research aims at embedding migration and its economic, social, cultural, and political conflict potentials into the intrinsic coherence of the development of population, society, economy, and the state. Therefore, socio-historical migration research is a multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary task. Depending on the specific research questions, particular significance is attached to: demography, economic and econometric explanation models, sociological migration theory as well as quantitative methods and migration models.

This article is in German / Dieser Artikel ist auf Deutsch.

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