Historical Social Research

43.3 - Economists, Politics, and Society

Special Issue: Economists, Politics, and Society. New Insights from Mapping Economic Practices Using Field-Analysis 

  • Christian Schmidt-Wellenburg & Frédéric Lebaron: There Is No Such Thing as “the Economy”. Economic Phenomena Analysed from a Field-Theoretical Perspective. [Abstract]
  • Contributions
  • Alexander Lenger: Socialization in the Academic and Professional Field: Revealing the Homo Oeconomicus Academicus. [Abstract]
  • Emmanuel Monneau: Economics Degrees in the French University Space: Heteronomy and Professionalization of Curricula 1970-2009. [Abstract] [Online Appendix]
  • Arthur Jatteau: The Success of Randomized Controlled Trials: A Sociographical Study of the Rise of J-PAL to Scientific Excellence and Influence. [Abstract]
  • Jens Maesse: Globalization Strategies and the Economics Dispositif: Insights from Germany and the UK. [Abstract]
  • Christian Schmidt-Wellenburg: Struggling over Crisis. Discoursive Positionings and Academic Positions in the Field of German-Speaking Economists. [Abstract]
  • Thierry Rossier & Felix Bühlmann: The Internationalisation of Economics and Business Studies: Import of Excellence, Cosmopolitan Capital, or American Dominance? [Abstract]
  • Didier Georgakakis & Frédéric Lebaron: Yanis (Varoufakis), the Minotaur, and the Field of Eurocracy. [Abstract]
  • Stephanie L. Mudge & Antoine Vauchez: Too Embedded to Fail: The ECB and the Necessity of Calculating Europe. [Abstract]
  • Elisa Klüger: Mapping the Inflections in the Policies of the Brazilian National Economic and Social Development Bank during the 1990s and 2000s within Social Spaces and Networks. [Abstract]
  • Mariana Heredia: The International Division of Labor in Economists’ Field. Academic Subordination in Exchange for Political Prerogatives in Argentina. [Abstract]
  • Christian Schneickert: Globalizing Political and Economic Elites in National Fields of Power. [Abstract]

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43.2 - Visualities – Sports, Bodies, and Visual Sources

Special Issue: Visualities – Sports, Bodies, and Visual Sources.
  • Jörn Eiben & Olaf Stieglitz: Depicting Sporting Bodies – Visual Sources in the Writing of Sport History. An Introduction. [Abstract]
  • Contributions
  • Mike O’Mahony: Through a Glass Darkly: Reflections on Photography and the Visual Representation of Sport. [Abstract]
  • Jens Jäger: A Fist on the Cover. Some Remarks on Visual Sources in Sports History. [Abstract]
  • Markus Stauff: The Assertive Image: Referentiality and Reflexivity in Sports Photography. [Abstract]
  • Michael Krüger: Visual Sources in the History of Sports: Potential, Problems, and Perspectives with Selected Examples of Sporting Art. [Abstract]
  • Bernhard Hachleitner & Sema Colpan: The Wunderteam, Painted in Oil: Insights of Images / Insights through Images in Sport Studies. [Abstract]
  • Kasia Boddy: American Girl: The Iconographies of Helen Wills. [Abstract]
  • Matthias Marschik: Depicting Hakoah. Images of a Zionist Sports Club in Interwar Vienna. [Abstract]
  • Melanie Woitas: “Exercise Teaches You the Pleasure of Discipline” – The Female Body in Jane Fonda´s Aerobics Videos. [Abstract]
  • Barbara Englert: The Hollywood Sports Film – Visualizing Hidden and Familiar Aspects of American Culture. [Abstract]
  • Eva Maria Gajek: More than Munich 1972. Media, Emotions, and the Body in TV Broadcast of the 20th Summer Olympics. [Abstract]
  • Markus Stauff: The Pregnant-Moment Photograph: The 1908 London Marathon and the Cross-Media Evaluation of Sport Performances. [Abstract]
  • Amanda Shuman: No Longer ‘Sick’: Visualizing ‘Victorious’ Athletes in 1950s Chinese Films. [Abstract]
Mixed Issue
  • Eric Linhart & Johannes Raabe: Measuring Party System Concentration Including the Cabinet Level. [Abstract]
  • Kevin T. Hall: Luftgangster over Germany: The Lynching of American Airmen in the Shadow of the Air War. [Abstract]
  • Jens O. Zinn: The Proliferation of ‘at risk’ in The Times: A Corpus Approach to Historical Social Change, 1785-2009. [Abstract]

43.1 - Agent-Based Modeling in Social Science, History, and Philosophy

Special Issue – Agent-Based Modeling in Social Science, History, and Philosophy.

Suppl. 30 - Historical Migration Research

Autobiographical notes
  • Klaus J. Bade: Why it happened the way it did: Autobiographical notes. [Abstract]
  • Klaus J. BadeThe dream of ‚Exporting the social question’ through imperial expansion and colonial emigration: the case of Friedrich Fabri [1975/2005]. [Abstract]
  • Klaus J. Bade: The interdisciplinary approach of socio-historical migration research: terms, concepts, methodological and theoretical questions [1979/2005][Abstract]
  • Klaus J. Bade: Analysing transnational and internal migration in the German Northeast before World War I: Outlining a heuristic concept [1979/2005]. [Abstract]
  • Klaus J. Bade: From exporting to importing social problems: transnational migration in Germany since the mid-nineteenth century [1984/1985]. [Abstract]
  • Klaus J. Bade: Historical Migration Research [2002]. [Abstract]
  • Klaus J. Bade: Migration in European History since the Late Middle Ages  [2002]. [Abstract]
  • Klaus J. Bade: Migration traditions and migration systems at the end of early modern Europe [2002]. [Abstract]
  • Klaus J. Bade: Migrations in nineteenth and early twentieth-century Europe: labor migrants and travelling businessmen [2000]. [Abstract]
  • Klaus J. Bade: The encyclopedia of European migration and minorities. From the seventeenth century to the present. Foreword / Introduction [2007/2011]. [Abstract]
  • Klaus J. Bade: Criticism and violence. Sarrazin debate, criticism of Islam, and terrorism in the immigration society [2013/2014]. [Abstract]
  • Klaus J. Bade: Blockade und liberation: identity crisis, surrogate public debates, and new self images in the immigrant society [2013]. [Abstract]
  • Klaus J. Bade: From misswords to missdeeds: Cultural anxiety, populism, and enemy images in the German discussion on migration and asylum [2016]. [Abstract]
  • Klaus J. Bade: Immigration society and ‘refugee crisis’ in Germany [2017]. [Abstract]

Interview with Klaus J. Bade (in German) (3.8 MB)

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