Historical Social Research

44.1 - Markets, Organizations, and Law

Special Issue – Markets, Organizations, and Law –Perspectives of Convention Theory on Economic Practices and Structures (Rainer Diaz-Bone & Olivier Favereau)
  • Rainer Diaz-Bone & Olivier Favereau: Perspectives of Economics of Convention on Markets, Organizations, and Law. An Introduction. [Abstract]
  • Olivier Favereau: The Economics of Convention: From the Practice of Economics to the Economics of Practice. [Abstract]
  • Guillemette de Larquier & Géraldine Rieucau: Valuation and Matching: A Conventionalist Explanation of Labor Markets by Firms’ Recruitment Channels. [Abstract]
  • Julia Brandl, Arjan Kozica, Katharina Pernkopf & Anna Schneider: Flexible Work Practices: Analysis from a Pragmatist Perspective. [Abstract]
  • Delphine Remillon: Unemployment and Turning Points in Careers: A Conventionalist Analysis. [Abstract]
  • Ariane Ghirardello: Discrimination as a Convention: A Re-Assessment of the Impact of Social Intervention. [Abstract]
  • Christian Bessy & Francis Chateauraynaud: The Dynamics of Authentication and Counterfeits in Markets. [Abstract]
  • Luka Jakelja & Florian Brugger: Why Do Markets Change? Some Conventionalist Considerations on the Stability and Dynamic of Markets. [Abstract]
  • Franck Bessis & Camille Chaserant: A New Analysis of the Market for Legal Services. The Lawyer, homo œconomicus or homo conventionalis?. [Abstract]
  • Claude Didry: Labor Law as a Base for Firms’ Organization. [Abstract]
  • Lisa Knoll: Sustainable Markets and the State: Taxation, Cap-and-Trade, Pay-for-Success, and Nudging. [Abstract]
  • Philippe Batifoulier, Nicolas Da Silva & Victor Duchesne: The Dynamics of Conventions: The Case of the French Social Security System. [Abstract]
  • Michael Faust & Jürgen Kädtler: The (Not Entirely) Financialized Enterprise – A Conceptual Proposal. [Abstract]
  • Rainer Diaz-Bone: Economics of Convention Meets Foucault. [Abstract]