Historical Social Research

44.4 - Entrepreneurial Groups and Entrepreneurial Families

Special Issue – Collective Engagement in Entrepreneurship: Sociological and Historical Reflections upon Entrepreneurial Groups and Entrepreneurial Families (Isabell Stamm, Allan Discua Cruz & Ludovic Cailluet)
  • Isabell Stamm, Allan Discua Cruz & Ludovic Cailluet: Entrepreneurial Groups: Definition, Forms, and Historic Change. [Abstract]
  • Katharina Scheidgen: Social Contexts in Team Formation: Why Do Independent Start-Ups and University Spin-Offs Form Teams Differently? [Abstract]
  • Paloma Fernández Pérez: Pioneers and Challengers in the Global Plasma Protein Industry, 1915-2015. [Abstract]
  • Robert Peters: The Interrelationship between Structure and Collective Actors: A Concept for a Dynamic-Reciprocal Model of Structural Change. [Abstract]
  • Maria Elo:Immigrant Effect and Collective Entrepreneurship -The Creation and Development of a Turkish Entrepreneurial Group. [Abstract]
  • Stefan Berwing: Extending Mixed Embeddedness: Entrepreneurial Figurations of Entrepreneurs with Migrant Origins in Germany. [Abstract]
  • Michael Weinhardt & Isabell Stamm: Drawing Samples for the Longitudinal Study of Entrepreneurial Groups from Process-Generated Data: A Proposal Based on the German Register of Companies. [Abstract]
  • Tim Seidenschnur: The Logic of Innovation. A Study on the Narrative Construction of Intrapreneurial Groups in the Light of Competing Institutional Logics. [Abstract]
Forum – Social Integration or Mind Integration? An Alternative Approach for the Unification of Divided Systems (Woo-Young Lee & Eun-Jeung Lee)
  • Woo-Young Lee & Eun-Jeung Lee: The Issue of Mind Integration in the Unification of Divided Systems: A Case Study Focused on Germany and the Two Koreas. [Abstract]
  • Young-Mi Kwon & Juhwa Park: Peace through Cooperation or Peace through Strength? How to Achieve Peace in the Very Intractable Conflict Society. [Abstract]  [Online Appendix]
  • Hayeon Lee & Woo-Young Lee: The Perception of the Integration of North and South Korea. [Abstract]  [Online Appendix]
  • Jin-Heon Jung & Eun-Jeung Lee: Division and Unification: Seen through the Eyes of Korean Migrants in Berlin. [Abstract]
  • Hannes B. Mosler & Bong-Ki Lee: The Elephant in the Room: Problems and Potentials of the Workers’ Party of Korea in a Korean Unification Scenario. [Abstract]