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47.1 - Visibilities of Violence

Special Issue– Visibilities of Violence: Microscopic Studies of Violent Events and Beyond. (Thomas Hoebel, Jo Reichertz & René Tuma)
  • Thomas Hoebel, Jo Reichertz & René Tuma: Visibilities of Violence. On Visual Violence Research and Current Methodological Challenges. [abstract]
I.  Facing Violence: Microscopic Studies with and without Audiovisual Data
  • Anne Nassauer: Video Data Analysis as a Tool for Studying Escalation Processes: The Case of Police Use of Force. [abstract]
  • Christian Meyer & Ulrich v. Wedelstaedt: Opening the Black Box: An Ethnomethodological Approach for the Video-Based Analysis of Violence. [abstract]
  • Laura D. Keesman & Don Weenink: Feel it Coming: Situational Turning Points in Police-Civilian Encounters. [abstract]
  • Susanne Nef & Friederike Lorenz-Sinai: Multilateral Generation of Violence: On the Theorization of Microscopic Analyses and Empirically Grounded Theories of Violence. [abstract]
  • Frithjof Nungesser: Studying the Invisible. Experiences of Extreme Violence as a Methodological Challenge. [abstract]
II.  Shifting Limitations: The Temporal Embedding and Unfolding of Violent Events
  • Wolff-Michael Roth: The Emergence and Unfolding of Violent Events: A Transactional Approach. [abstract]
  • Jo Reichertz: Escalation of Violence in Unclear Situations – A Methodological Proposal for Video Analysis. [abstract]
  • Ekkehard Coenen & René Tuma: Contextural and Contextual – Introducing a Heuristic of Third Parties in Sequences of Violence. [abstract]
  • Thomas Hoebel: Emplotments of Violence. On Narrative Explanations and their Audiovisual Data. [abstract]
III.  Challenging Research: Methodological, Theoretical and Ethical Problems of Analyzing Violence
  • Thomas Alkemeyer: The Embodied Subjectivities of Videography. [abstract]
  • Gesa Lindemann, Jonas Barth & Johanna Fröhlich: The Methodological Relevance of a Theory-of-Society Perspective for the Empirical Analysis of Violence. [abstract]
  • César Antonio Cisneros Puebla: Microsociology of Killing in Mexican Video Executions. [abstract]