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47.3 - Digital Transformation(s)

Special Issue– Digital Transformation(s): On the Entanglement of Long-Term Processes and Digital Social Change. (Stefanie Büchner, Jannis Hergesell & Jannis Kallinikos)
  • Ole Hanseth: When Stars Align. The Interactions and Transformations of e-Health Infrastructure Regimes. [abstract]
  • Kathrin Braun, Cordula Kropp & Yana Boeva: From Digital Design to Data-Assets: Competing Visions, Policy Projects, and Emerging Arrangements of Value Creation in the Digital Transformation of Construction. [abstract]
  • Cancan Wang & Jessamy Perriam: Murder Maps, Transport Apps, and Soup: How Expert Enthusiasts Move Open Government Data Initiatives between the UK and China. [abstract]
  • Juliane Jarke, Irina Zakharova & Andreas Breiter: Organisational Data Work and Its Horizons of Sense: On the Importance of Considering the Temporalities and Topologies of Data Movement When Researching Digital Transformation(s). [abstract]
  • Katharina Braunsmann, Korbinian Gall & Falk Justus Rahn: Discourse Strategies of Implementing Algorithmic Decision Support Systems: The Case of the Austrian Employment Service. [abstract]
  • Alina Wandelt & Thomas Schmidt-Lux: Infinite Expansion, Unlimited Access, Encompassing Comfort. An Analysis of the Effects of Digitalization in Libraries after 1995. [abstract]
  • Moritz von Stetten: Continuity and Change within the Digital Transformation of Psychotherapy. [abstract]
  • Julia Katherina Mahnken: Digital Transformations in Drug-Related Crime: Figurations, Interdependencies, and Balances of Power. [abstract]
  • Julia Binder & Ariane Sept: Debordered Materiality and Digital Biographies: Digital Transformation in Rural-Peripheral Areas. [abstract]
  • İrem Özgören Kınlı & Onur Kınlı: The Turkish Ordeal – A Historical-Processual Analysis of the Perception and Engagement of Elderly People in the Digital Transformation. [abstract]