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The HSR can be ordered as a single issue or as a year's subscription, or just a single article:

Single Issue (print)                                                                   GermanyInternational
Individuals     € 15              € 17
Libraries, Institutions, Stores     € 19              € 21

Orders within Germany include 3€ S&H, and orders abroad 5€ S&H.

Singe Issue (digital)                                                                     Germany International
Individuals     € 15              € 15
Libraries, Instiutions, Stores            € 19              € 19
Subscription* (print plus digital)                                               GermanyInternational
Individuals     € 42              € 50
Libraries, Instiutions, Stores        € 66              € 74

Orders within Germany include 12€ S&H, and orders abroad 20€ S&H.

Single article (digital)                                                                          GermanyInternational
Individuals                                                  € 5               € 5
Libraries, Institutions, Stores     € 5               € 5

All prices include VAT (7% for print, 19% for digital) and charges for shipping and handling.

*The subscription includes 4 issues per year, generally also a supplementary issue. A cancellation notice of eight weeks before the end of the year is required.
The subscription includes online access to the platform HSR Digital. HSR Digital is available to users affiliated to libraries and institutions. With HSR Digital, HSR subscribers have the archival rights to use full-text versions of HSR articles for personal and research-related use. Articles can be saved and/or printed. Commercial use is not permitted.