Suppl. 16 - Bibliographie 1975-2000

HSR Supplement No. 16 (2004): Selected Bibliography 1975-2000

Thomas Rahlf, Cornelia Baddack & Karl Pierau, comp.: Historical Social Research: Selected Bibliography 1975-2000.

In a wider sense, “Historical Social Research” is to be understood as the application of formal methods to history. These include the use of quantitative and computer-assisted qualitative methods in historical social scientific research, cliometrics and historical informatics. The research field of Historical Social Research has turned out to be quite open in definitional respect, and therefore this bibliography does not claim to be representative. 4,428 publications of 3,706 authors are documented in this HSR Supplement. The items are presented in a chronological order. The language is either English or German. Selection criterion was especially that the article has been published in a journal or anthology officially or concerning the scope associated with Historical Social Research. The author index and the bilingual KWIC-index (keyword in context) provide, at least, a minimum of indexing the content and research options. Researches in greater depth can be conducted with the online databases “hsr-trans.” The present bibliography demonstrates impressively the success of Historical Social Research, understood as international and inter-/ multidisciplinary approach.

Rahlf, Thomas; Baddack, Cornelia; Pierau, Karl: Historische Sozialforschung: Auswahlbibliographie 1975-2000 (p. 14-359)

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