Suppl. 18 - Buchreihe HSF

HSR Supplement No. 18 (2006): Schröder: Buchreihe HSF

Wilhelm Heinz Schröder: Social Science History Research: Quantitative Social Scientific Analyses of Historical and Process-Produced Data

The first issue of the series “Historisch-sozialwissenschaftliche Forschungen. Quantitative sozialwissenschaftliche Analysen von historischen und prozeß-produzierten Daten” (HSF) was published in 1977; until its demise in 1991, there have been 17 thematic issues and 6 research documentations published. The series turned out to be a “flagship” of quantitative Historical Social Research in the “pioneering days.” In retrospect, the HSF series can be regarded as extremely successful: Many fundamental contributions set standards. In the editorial of this HSR Supplement, the strategies, actors, topics and language of the series are briefly presented. Part A contains the reprints of selected contributions, especially remarkable for their time. Part B contains annotations to all 23 volumes, explaining each concept and content. Part C of this issue presents bibliographic details and also a German and an English abstract for every single article published in HSF – in total, 226. Part D contains a) an index title-key-words, and b) an author index.