Historical Social Research

Suppl. 30 - Historical Migration Research

Autobiographical notes
  • Klaus J. Bade: Why it happened the way it did: Autobiographical notes. [Abstract]
  • Klaus J. BadeThe dream of ‚Exporting the social question’ through imperial expansion and colonial emigration: the case of Friedrich Fabri [1975/2005]. [Abstract]
  • Klaus J. Bade: The interdisciplinary approach of socio-historical migration research: terms, concepts, methodological and theoretical questions [1979/2005][Abstract]
  • Klaus J. Bade: Analysing transnational and internal migration in the German Northeast before World War I: Outlining a heuristic concept [1979/2005]. [Abstract]
  • Klaus J. Bade: From exporting to importing social problems: transnational migration in Germany since the mid-nineteenth century [1984/1985]. [Abstract]
  • Klaus J. Bade: Historical Migration Research [2002]. [Abstract]
  • Klaus J. Bade: Migration in European History since the Late Middle Ages [2002]. [Abstract]
  • Klaus J. Bade: Migration traditions and migration systems at the end of early modern Europe [2002]. [Abstract]
  • Klaus J. Bade: Migrations in nineteenth and early twentieth-century Europe: labor migrants and travelling businessmen [2000]. [Abstract]
  • Klaus J. Bade: The encyclopedia of European migration and minorities. From the seventeenth century to the present. Foreword / Introduction [2007/2011]. [Abstract]
  • Klaus J. Bade: Criticism and violence. Sarrazin debate, criticism of Islam, and terrorism in the immigration society [2013/2014]. [Abstract]
  • Klaus J. Bade: Blockade und liberation: identity crisis, surrogate public debates, and new self images in the immigrant society [2013]. [Abstract]
  • Klaus J. Bade: From misswords to missdeeds: Cultural anxiety, populism, and enemy images in the German discussion on migration and asylum [2016]. [Abstract]
  • Klaus J. Bade: Immigration society and ‘refugee crisis’ in Germany [2017]. [Abstract]