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HSR Trans 29: Online Appendix to: Economics Degrees in the French University Space: Heteronomy and Professionalization of Curricula 1970-2009

Emmanuel Monneau: Online Appendix to: Economics Degrees in the French University Space: Heteronomy and Professionalization of Curricula 1970-2009. HSR Trans 29 (2018) v01.

This is the online Appendix to the article published in Historical Social Research 43 (3): 63-93. doi: 10.12759/hsr.43.2018.3.63-93. The article analyses the degreegranting economics programs offered in French universities in the period 1970-2009 from a disciplinary socio-historical approach. Archival data was compiled into a database used to map the space of these universities with the help of geometric data analysis (principal component analysis and ascending hierarchical clustering). Interpretation of the resulting space reveals a utilitarian shift in university curricula to the detriment of research, as well as a trend towards modelling studying programs on templates of professional schools. Economics instruction has become increasingly heteronomic, critical economics has been marginalized and professionalized programs are today perceived as the ‘gold standard’ of teaching.

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