Historical Social Research

Main Editors

Two Main Editors confer and decide upon the general editing and publishing policy of the HSR.

  • Wilhelm Heinz Schröder (Cologne), also Managing Editor in Chief
  • Heinrich Best (Jena), also Managing Editor

Managing Editors

The most senior decision-making body of HSR is the Managing Editorial Board (MEB). The Managing Editors have the overall responsibility for the HSR content and are in charge of the publication policy and the development of the journal’s research lines.

  • Wilhelm Heinz Schröder, In-Chief (Cologne)
  • Nina Baur (Berlin)
  • Heinrich Best (Jena)
  • Rainer Diaz-Bone (Lucerne)
  • Philip Jost Janssen (Cologne)
  • Johannes Marx (Bamberg)

Co-operating Editors

The HSR, being a network based journal, co-operates with numerous scientific associations, organizations, journals and internet platforms. The respective co-operational partners announce up to three highly qualified co-operating editors for the HSR depending on relevance. These co-operating editors, representing their field of research, consult the managing editors on the editing and publishing policy.

  • Frank Bösch (Potsdam)
  • Joanna Bornat (Milton Keynes)
  • Franz Breuer (Münster)
  • Leen Breure (Utrecht)
  • Christoph Classen (Potsdam)
  • Jürgen Danyel (Potsdam)
  • Bert De Munck (Antwerp)
  • Claude Didry (Paris)
  • Claude Diebolt (Strasbourg)
  • Georg Fertig (Halle)
  • Gudrun Gersmann (Cologne)
  • Rüdiger Graf (Potsdam)
  • Karen Hagemann (Chapel Hill, NC)
  • M. Michaela Hampf (Berlin)
  • Rüdiger Hohls (Berlin)
  • Jason Hughes (Leicester)
  • Ralph Jessen (Cologne)
  • Claire Judde de Larivière (Toulouse)
  • Günter Mey (Berlin)
  • Jürgen Mittag (Cologne)
  • Katja Mruck (Berlin)
  • Dieter Ohr (Berlin)
  • Kai Ruffing (Marburg)
  • Kevin Schürer (Leicester)
  • Paul W. Thurner (Munich)
  • Roland Wenzlhuemer (Heidelberg)
  • Jens O. Zinn (Melbourne)

Consulting Editors

The scientific council, with its international, interdisciplinary, and top-class members, advises the publishers on a long-term basis regarding the editing and publishing policy, and supports the journal's far-reaching interests. In some cases the consulting editors take over the expertise on Special Issues or on particular articles of their own study area for publication in the HSR.

  • Erik W. Austin (Ann Arbor)
  • Francesca Bocchi (Bologna)
  • Leonid Borodkin (Moscow)
  • Gerhard Botz (Vienna)
  • Christiane Eisenberg (Berlin)
  • Josef Ehmer (Vienna)
  • Richard J. Evans (Cambridge)
  • Jürgen W. Falter (Mainz)
  • Harvey J. Graff (Columbus, OH)
  • Arthur E. Imhof (Berlin)
  • Konrad H. Jarausch (Chapel Hill, NC)
  • Eric A. Johnson (Mt. Pleasant, MI)
  • Hartmut Kaelble (Berlin)
  • Hans Mathias Kepplinger (Mainz)
  • Jürgen Kocka (Berlin)
  • John Komlos (Munich)
  • Jean-Paul Lehners (Luxembourg)
  • Jan Oldervoll (Bergen)
  • Janice Reiff (Los Angeles),
  • Ernesto A. Ruiz (Florianopolis)
  • Martin Sabrow (Potsdam)
  • Manfred Thaller (Cologne)
  • Rick Trainor (Oxford)
  • Louise Tilly (New York)
  • Jürgen Wilke (Mainz)