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Metadata for Official Statistics

Find Metadata

The find metadata-section provides different ways to access the metadata (explained below). They all allow to store relevant metadata in the myMetadata Box. The content of the box can be used in the work with myMetadata-section.

via Series

This section contains a browsable representation of all series and covers information at the study as well as the variable level. It follows the initial structure of the series which is used in the subnavigation on the left as well:

  • Series (e.g. EU-SILC)
    • Study (e.g. 2008)
      • Optional: Filetype (e.g. Personal data)

Complementary information (definitions, links to original documentation, literature) as well as tools (setups) are available here as well.


Different supplemental representations are available in this section:

The Variables over Time matrices are available for all series documented in MISSY and display the availability of every thematic concept for every point in time a series was conducted. Therefore they also indicate the comparability of variables over time.

The international series documented in MISSY are subject to certain changes (mainly expansions) in coverage. Therefore the Dataset Availability matrices illustrate which data are available for which country at a certain point in time.